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The pure and mineral-rich Dutch EARTH Water is bottled at a small water source named Anl'eau. This resource is located in the protected greenzone named "the Hunzedal" in the province of Drenthe. Anl'eau is named as one of the best water sources of Europe by water specialists. The production site is pumping pure spring water from a depth of approximately 150 meters. This groundwater has fallen as rain in the Middle Ages on "the Hondsrug"; at a time when people did not use harmful substances. After a long journey of approximately 1000 years through the ground, the water has absorbed many minerals. The water therefore is of a very good quality.


    Composition of EARTH Water:

    Calcium 58 mg / l

    Potassium 2,2 mg / l

    Magnesium 4.8 mg / l

    Sodium 20 mg / l

    PH 7.6 pH

    Chloride 19 mg / l

    Sulfate <0.5 mg / l

    Nitrate 0.5 mg / l

    Bicarbonate 220 mg / l

    Electrical conductivity 20 C 36 mS / m

    Dry Rest (what remains after cooking at 180 degrees) EARTH Water 252 mg


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  • FAQ

    How should I store the water?

    Bottled water should be stored in a cool (i.e. room temperature), dry environment away from sources of odor, such as household cleaning products, solvents such as gasoline, paint thinners and other toxic or odorous materials, and away from direct sunlight. A partially consumed bottle should be capped when not being consumed.


    What charities do you work with?

    We started in 2007 with different types of charities as of 2011 we have decided to sole focus on water project around the world. 


    Do you collect the empty bottles?

    Yes, please keep them at your home and we will collect them with the next order. 


    What do you do with the empty bottles?

    We use the empty bottles for ART pieces, upcycling and recycling